Germany vs. Argentina World Cup Finals 2014 Live Stream

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Get ready football fans! FIFA World Cup 2014 is officially set to end this years season with a big and greatest event this summer, a match between the two giants ‘Die Manschaft’ Germany against ‘La Albiceleste’ Argentina staging at the Est Dio Maracan, Rio de Janeiro on July 13.

The clash between Germany vs. Argentina final match will be the most thrilling, exciting, interesting and a must-see event which words can’t even express how this match is going to be. The Germany Vs. Argentina will mark the third meeting of both sides in the world cup finals.

Germany who survived the group of death from ‘Brazil’ and the ‘La Albiceleste’ Argentina who’s having their hero ‘Lionel Messi’

The Match between Germany vs. Argentina World cup final will be available live on TV starting at 4pm local time, 3pm Eastern Time available on ABC, ESPN, ITV, Univision and other television partners of FIFA in your country.

The Germany national football squad has come to this tournament as one of top-contender winning the title again since their last title in 1990. The team is very intact and no issues of injuries on their squad. Die Mannscaft got a variety of scoring sources, excellent goaltending of Manuel Neuer proven by their brilliant and record-shattering 7-1 victory over Brazil in the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, Argentina had to go all the way with penalties for a great 4-2 win against Holland. Sergio Romero who saves two penalty shootout helps the Argentinians in making the World Cup final to reality. It’s Lionel Messi first appearance to the finals.

How did these Teams made it to the top?

Germany: 2-1 in group stage (def. Portugal, 4-0; tied Ghana, 2-2; def. U.S., 1-0); def. Algeria, 2-1, in round of 16; def. France, 1-0, in quarterfinals; def. Brazil, 7-1, in semifinals.

Argentina: 3-0 in group stage (def. Bosnia, 2-1; def. Iran, 1-0; def. Nigeria, 3-2); def. Switzerland, 1-0, in round of 16; def. Belgium, 1-0, in quarterfinals; def. Netherlands, 0-0 (4-2) on penalty kicks, in semifinals

The match between the two giants Die Manschaft and La Albiceleste on Sunday July 13, 2014 will be the third time finals competition since 1958 on World Cup history.

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