Woman Rejected By a Guy After Flirting With Him For a One Night Stand!

Relationships are built on love, trust, respect and loyalty. Without it, a relationship wouldn’t survive the challenges and temptations that lie ahead in their journey through life together.

There will be times where a relationship will be put to the test, and only there will you find out if you’re partner is fully committed to you or not. Just like this engaged man who deserves a round of applause for resisting the opportunity to cheat on his girlfriend.

A random woman of unknown identity asked him to video chat with her. The woman seemingly had vile intentions, sending him sweet messages and seductive pictures. But showing resilience and loyalty, the man quickly denied the woman’s offer and instead reminded her of how lucky he is to have a wonderful girlfriend.

He knew that the woman was flirting with him, but turned her down in a gentlemanly manner. He appreciates the compliments but requests the woman to stop flirting with him because he loves his wife dearly.

Little did the woman know that the guy’s girlfriend found out about their conversation and decided to post it on Facebook for everyone to see.From there the conversation went viral, sparking internet rage on people who ruin relationships. Certainly the guy deserves commends after staying honest and loyal to his girlfriend.

Who is the woman who flirted with the guy? It turns out that Ashley was just a fake account and the image was just taken from and adult website. There will be challenges present in a relationship, and truly the only way for it to blossom and withstand the test of time is through showing honesty, trust, and loyalty.

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