Her Longtime Crush Became Her Boyfriend After 5 Years! Read Her Sweet Story Here!

Ah yes, the feelings of having a crush on someone. Your happiness knows no bounds when you get to see the person. You’re always excited about hearing his or her name, and your heart just jumps out of your chest every time you see them.

It’s a wonderful yet sad feeling at the same time, knowing that you’re only looking at the seemingly perfect person in your eyes from afar and secretly admiring them for who they are. The stalker instinct kicks in, and you’re always on their Facebook or Twitter profile and unsuspectingly checking them out.

It’s harder if you’re a girl. You’re too shy to admit and confess your feelings towards the guy as it may seem quite awkward.But take Sheraz Sigalat’s story on how her longtime crush became her boyfriend, and perhaps it will give you some inspiration and hope as well!

She took to Facebook to share her story about her longtime crush that eventually became her boyfriend. The post immediately went viral on social media and caught the attention of everyone else.

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