This Man is Selling His Son in The Streets. When You Find Out The Reason Why, You Will Definitely Cry!

The internet was met with broken hearts after a story of this man from China surfaced wherein he was discovered to have been selling his son in order to obtain money. But when you find out the reason why he was willing to exchange his beloved son for money. it will certainly strike your heart and make you shed tears.

Gao Duquiang was faced with a very tough decision. His wife needed medication and treatment for her lungs, and he had no other option and thought about selling his son in order to pay for the expenses.

He along with his wife and son were walking along the streets of Zhuhai Square, Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province, looking for potential buyers of his son.He told the media “If my wife passes away, she will never come back, but we can bring back my son,” Making things worse is the family lost their belongings when a flood struck their home. Gao is faced in a dire situation that left the hearts of many people saddened.

Gao’s sun was aware of his father’s plan, as he just smiles and nods to the people giving them money while passing by and saying “thanks”.

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