Open Letter to the Bashers of Jon, Jelai and Toni, from Anthony Leodones

The controversial and viral story of three people, namely Jon, Jelai and Toni, gathered thousands of reactions, shares and opinions. The story of these three are out of the ordinary story of a person.

Whenever there are controversial issues, people always seem to give the best of their opinion. Since we run on democracy and social media is basically a place to share every thought you have in mind then positive and also negative comments are inevitable.

But somehow, sensitive topics are also being given the wrong kind of attention and reaction. This is where the comments are more likely destructive rather than constructive.

A famous social media icon, Anthony Leodones, known for his viral videos, sweet messages, and useful tips with dealing problems, had published his commentary about the issue.

He pinpointed how the bashers are not using their privelege on using their freedom of speech properly due to early judgement without really knowing the truth.

Jelai | Jon | Toni

Yan iinit ng mga pangalan at ang init sa social media ngayon ng mga yan. Madameng sumawsaw, umepal…

Posted by Anthony Leodones on Wednesday, October 26, 2016


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  1. Alam mo Anthony, dapat alam mo ito since “sikat” ka at marami kang followers.

    The mere fact that Jon and Jelai have been on social media, acting like a couple, being sweet and funny, typical mag-jowa, their lives have been open to the public. May settings naman na pang-friends lang or for certain people lang ang mga vines nila. Kaso nag-trending. So maraming natuwa. Maraming nag-follow. Naging publicized.

    I understand that you are being a friend to them. You created this open letter for the public to see and maybe persuade us to “not meddle.”

    Here’s the problem. Your letter just made their issue more widespread judging from your fanbase of over 80k. Props to that. Pero you only showed how hypocritical your post is. You tell people na wag makielam pero ikaw mismo nagkwento ng point of view mo.

    Sige hindi kilala ng mga tao yang 3 taong involved. Pero a part of their lives have been publicized, so the people will only judge them based on those data. Mas kilala mo sila pero it doesn’t mean mas may karapatan ka magsalita for them.

    If you really are a true friend, i-comfort mo silang 3 in your own private space. Hindi dito sa Facebook.

    Ang dating kasi pinagsasabihan mo ang mga nag-comment sa issue nila pero hindi ba nag-react ka sa mga taong yun? You are part of that vicious cycle. Problema nila yun. Hindi mo kelangan atakihin ang mga nag-comment.

    Yeah the public has limited idea about those 3… but almost everyone goes through that same shit. Pero one thing’s a fact. They gotta accept the consequences of their actions and grow up. As for you, I think it’s time to look at yourself, step down from your high horse, and level with the people.

    Kasalanan nila yun. Wag ka na sumawsaw. Natawa na nga nga tao sa Vines nila eh. So pag di na nakakatuwa, sila pa ang bad at judgemental? So for fun lang pero pag seryosong issue, bawal na mag-comment?

    Easy on your open-letter privileges. You have a lot of followers. Ika nga, with great power comes great responsibility.

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