This Guy’s Funny song gets Viral in Social Media. WATCH the VIDEO!

She.. She.. “Pampa- goodvibes” Many Netizens got hooked in a new viral video uploaded in a social media.

Many Netizens even compare it to be viral as Piko Taro’s PPAP “Almost” in a most unusual way.

In a video uploaded by Kage Untalan, in his facebook account that feature in several Trending sites such as Filipino Vines and claimed almost 4.5 million views as of now.

Viewers also seen it’s similarities to the Viral song of Piko Taro’s PPAP. Aside from Piko Taro’s holding Pen, Apple and Pineapple. Untalan is holding a Pen while in his other hand is a Rubics Cube.

In the first part of the video he used he’s hand as a beatbox and toss the rubics cube aside and start to singing a crazy song with a out of this world lyrics, that will leave you nose bleeding with happiness.

Many Netizens find it as stress reliever and boredom breaker!

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