Woodley’s Pipeline Protest trial delayed

Almost 470 people have been arrested in a months of protest in North Dakota supporting local tribes in the area.

Activist and Divergent lead star, Shailene Woodley are one of the arrested protester and facing charges in a incident happened in North Dakota after the riot protest againts the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

Woodley was among 27 activist arrested last October 10. She was online streamed her arrest via facebook live.

She pleaded not guilty of the criminal trespass and riot that file againts her that carry a maximum charge of $1,500 fine and 1 month jail.

Her trail was rescheduled via conflict with his attorney.  She was to stand in trial on Jan 25, but reschedule for Feb 25.

The company of Standing Rock Sioux want to construct a pipeline worth $3.8-billion but recently halted because  there are several protest  involving the possible obstruction and destruction of water drinking supply and many cultural sites in the area.

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