Daughter Begs Her OFW Father Not to Leave. This Will Leave You in Tears After Watching!

A sad video of a 5-year old girl begging for her daddy not to leave has left many people in tears after watching the video after it circulated the internet. Perhaps one of the saddest things for a child is to have her parents leave her far away for quite some time and we all know how children are deeply attached to their beloved parents.

The girl’s father was set to depart from the airport to work abroad, but his daughter obviously doesn’t want him to leave her side. She was so attached to her dad, she didn’t want to let go of her father’s legs as she desperately tried to convince her father not to leave.

The parent’s reactions were both saddened and amused as their daughter becomes emotional but evidently it was also hard for the father to leave his child even if it was necessary for him to work abroad to sustain his family’s needs and to provide a good future for his daughter.

It’s these kind sacrifices that make OFW’s the heroes of their families. And though it might be difficult for the child and the parents, their hard-work and sacrifice almost always pays off in the long run.
Watch the saddening video right down below and see for yourself!

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