Comedian and Reggae singer Blackdyak found dead

Comedian and Reggae Singer Blackdyak found dead in his room.

Based on police report his son who was first discover and report the incident to the authority. His family is search for him after he not attend one of his gig. Blackdyak son discovered his father naked in the room with plastic wrapped around his head.

The comedian last seen alive at around 2:30 a.m.

The authorities  was not considiring any foul play in blackdyak’s death, because he was inside the room and all lock was intact when he found.

Twingkle described her husband as a sweet man. “Wala kaming problema mag asawa. Napaka sweet niya. Ayaw niya na umiiyak at namomoblema ako,” she said.

Many of his showbiz friend are deeply saddened ove blackdyak death and rwmember him as a happy and joyful member of the industry.

Blackdyak is a half filipino, half bardanian who started his carrer in 90’s. He is wellknown in his songs composition like “Good Boy”, “Bikini mong itim”, and “modelong Charing.”

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