Pres. Duterte give statements to Anti-Marcos in Lima Peru

Despite the allegation of breaking the public trust and clamor over the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, President Rodrigo Duterte stood by his decision to allow the interment and even remarked that those who cannot forgive are living with “hate.”

Duterte said Marcos’ burial was “all legal” since the late president was a former soldier and is, therefore, qualified to be interred at the Heroes’ Cemetery and received Military honors.

“There was really a deep wound somewhere in the country. But for those who cannot really forgive, that’s the difficult part. You just have to live with your grief and that grief is hate. That’s the problem,” Duterte told the Philippine media delegation to APEC summit.

I have only two answers: He (Marcos) was a president, he was a soldier. His name appears on the record, it was recognized. He had a valor medal for his deeds. Many are saying it was fake -but his rival is a politician,” he added.

Duterte said while some argue that Marcos was not a hero, it merely involves one side’s word against another’

“I have not read the Supreme Court (ruling allowing the burial) but I would stick to what I have said all along,” he said.

The late dictator’s remains were buried on November 18 in a private ceremony that shocked Martial Law victims and human rights advocates. The burial was held 10 days after the Supreme Court ruled that there is no legal impediment to interring the former president at the Heroes’ Cemetery.

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