Political News! Duterte reinstate the Alunan doctrine, plans limit bodyguards of politicians

President Rodrigo Duterte slams the politicians who hired many bodyguards to protect them so he made plans to reinstate the Alunan Doctrine. 

He made the statement when he led the recognition of 10 outstanding young men and women of 2016 in Malacanang last monday.
“But I would like to announce, tutal nandito na rin kayo (since you’re already here), I will take this opportunity that I’m going back to the Alunan doctrine. Two or more armed guards is…more than two, rather, is a private army,” said President Duterte.

Alunan Doctrine was introduced by former interior and local government secretary, Rafael Alunan III who served during the administration of former President Fidel Ramos.

The doctrine aims to limit the number of bodyguards for each politician to only two, to prevent the establishment of private armies and avoid proliferation of loose firearms.

The chief executive explained why he wanted to reimpose the said doctrine.

“Remember that in the early days of my presidency, I fired almost nine police generals and so many mayors.

Tinanggalan ko ng mga bodyguard (I removed their bodyguards) because sila ‘yung maging warlords na eh (they were on their way becoming warlords),” he said.

He added that these officials strut around pompously that even the military wouldn’t mess with them saying, “Si mayor yan eh” (Well, he’s the mayor).

The president maintained that two security aides are enough to defend a politician.

“If the two bodyguards cannot save you, then that is your destiny in this world. You will have to die some time. Do it earlier. It will spare the country of headache and maybe we can produce better citizens,” said Duterte.

Useful source: UNTV News and Rescue
Video Courtesy: UNTV

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