Heartbreaking situations, Syrians record ‘last message’ from Aleppo as bombing intensifies

ALEPPO: Heartbreaking scenes flooded the social media this past few days.

Several videos and tweets of surviving citizens in allepo catch the attention of many netizens.

As the forces of Syrian Army take control of eastern Aleppo from rebel forces, Syrian civilians trapped in the war-torn city recorded their last messages and posted them on Twitter to seek the world’s help. 

Civilians took to their Twitter accounts and recorded their ‘last messages’ as bombing by Syrian forces intensified in city of Aleppo.

Trapped civilians bracing for the worst in the besieged city uploaded videos on their Twitter accounts, urging protesters across the world to protest against an impending massacre which they fear will take place when forces loyal to Assad take over.

“To everyone who can hear me,” Syrian activist Lina al-Shami said in a video message, tweeted from Aleppo Monday. We are here exposed to a genocide in the besieged city of Aleppo. This may be my last video,”she added. 

“More than 50,000 civilians who opposed the dictator Assad are threatened with field executions or will be dead due to bombing,” she said.

Syrians in Aleppo are facing hardships as over the last few days, 82 have been killed. A bombing killed 45 people a couple of days go in the city and injured countless. For the injured, medicines and hospitals are scarce. The population is starving since food is not readily available in the conflict-like situation.

According to rebel forces, a cease-fire agreement has been reached that would allow civilians and remaining rebel fighters trapped in the besieged Syrian city to evacuate.

Here are some videos of trapped citizena from Aleppo:

Video source: Fusion”YouTube”

Image source: AMP ‘The Independent’

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