PHL and Singapore to boost maritine security vs. Terrorism

Singapore and Philippines join forces to boost the boarder security of both countries as President Duterte and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong agreed yesterday to further improve border from amid threats by terrorism.

The two leaders also discussed issues related to the intensified fight against terrorism and illegal drugs. Drug trafficking is punishable by death under Singaporean laws. This meeting aims the prevention of transnational crime.

Based on reports, the terror group Islamic State (IS) has been expanding operations in Asia, particularly in Sulu.

Last Tuesday, Duterte said a Singaporean national was leading a terrorist cell in Sulu. The group is also composed of Malaysian and Indonesian nationals with Filipino members.

The Philippine military has tagged Sulu as the haven of the Abu Sayyaf extremist group that has been behind the kidnappings of foreigners and Filipinos in the south. 

President Duterte has been warning that the ISIS has been out to declare a caliphate in Mindanao. He noted that while the kidnappings were taking place in the Malacca Strait and the Celebes Sea, suspects would bring their victims to Sulu and hold them hostage for ransom.

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