Pro-immortality country urged immortalism to use in political cause

In 2012 the countries such as Russia, and United States, Israel, and the Netherlands a pro-immortality transhumanist political parties were launched.

They aim to provide political support to anti-aging and radical life extension research and technologies and want to ensure the fastest possible-and at the same time, the least disruptive-societal transition to radical life extension, life without aging, and ultimately, immortality.

They aim to make it possible to provide access to such technologies to the majority of people alive today.

Other life extensionists

Biogerontologist Marios Kyriazis suggested that biological immortality in humans is an inevitable consequence of natural evolution.

His theory of extreme lifespans through perpetual-equalising interventions (ELPIs) proposes that  the ability to attain indefinite lifespans is inherent in human biology, and that there will come a time when humans will continue to develop their intelligence by living indefinitely, rather than through evolution by natural selection.

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