Top 9 signs that your Man was not interested in you anymore.

Maybe sometimes even the most romantic relationships are fail or end abruptly leaving little or no room for question. If you think you have the perfectman that younever had think again. Maybe he could be sending signals that leave you guessing about his feelings for you.

You need to understand the signs he is not interested in you even though it is painful. It will help amd guide you about your plans and on the other hand, it’s healthy because you’ll get past a dead-end relationship and move on with your life.

Here are some ways to determine the Signs He Is Not Interested In You anymore:

1. Excuses

Your man has a list of reasons why he’s not into the relationship. Most of these reasons leave little room for debate like hurting by an ex. He may also claim that he is busy focusing on his career. These excuses leave him less time to dedicate to the relationship. Honestly, he would find solutions and not excuses if he were interested in you anymore.

2. Availability

Your man is always busy to set aside or find time to spend with you. He is always making excuses that he has other plans. In addition, he just never makes plans more than a day out, and you are more of a convenience than relationship material.

3. Gaze Through You

 When your relationship was new, your guy would not mind staring in your eyes for hours. If he no longer makes eye contact with you and gazes through you, these are just enough signs he is not interested in you anymore.

4. Intimacy

Intimacy is important in a relationship – it strengthens the bond between partners. If it becomes less or stops suddenly, something is wrong in the relationship. It’s painful to find out your guy does not want to stay close to you or even have sex with you.

5. Communication

If your guy does not pick up or return calls, texts or emails in time, it is a sure sign he is not interested in you anymore. You’ll find yourself making excuses for him like lack of connection or low battery because you still love him.

6. Social

If he does not invite you to social events, it is a sure sign he is not interested in you anymore. He does not find time to meet your family and friends or introduce you to his.

7. Other Women

Out of the blue he starts talking about other women while showing obvious interest. In addition, he stays close or even start contact with one of his exes. When you see this sign, it is time to let go.

8. Future and Clarity

He doesn’t bring up the future. He never talks about having a long weekend, vacation, wedding or family with you. If he is ambivalent (has mixed feelings) and doesn’t clarify his feelings or intents, he is not interested in you anymore.


9. Your Instincts and Signals

Follow your instincts, and if you think something is wrong, it is wrong. Your friends are most likely seeing the signs and would want to tell you. True friends are always there for one another. Go ahead and ask your friends about the signs they are seeing.

You could be sending signs that he is misreading. Your behavior may be pushing him to respond in such an inconsiderate manner. Take a look at your signs keenly to find out if he is just reacting to them or simply not interested in you anymore.

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