EXCLUSIVE: Bassilyo talks about his collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Fabio 2U!

It seems like international artists are starting to see the potential of Filipino people. Bassilyo, a well known rapper in the country, just released a recent interview leaking information about his upcoming collaboration with two international artists!


Bassilyo could not believe it himself that he was one lucky enough to be included in the project. He was very overwhelmed in the interview telling the people how much of an amazing experience it were to be there.

He was excited and nervous at the same time, but who wouldn’t be? He also said that besides this, there would also be a collaboration between jamaican artists. A truly spectacular work to look forward to!


No specific date was given but Bassilyo said to watch out for the year 2017. A lot of his fans will surely be looking forward to the year since he gave them another reason to be excited.

This kind of opportunity truly is one of a kind since considering the length of distance between international artists and artists of our own.

It should be quite difficult to pick whom they would want to work with, but I guess that’s the magic that Filipino people have, they would always stand out. Watch the full interview below!

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