BLCKMRKT International Releases Fabio 2U Feat Snoop Dogg & Bassilyo Song Collaboraton!

The most awaited collaboration has now arrived. Bassilyo has finally released the music video of his collaboration with two international artists, Snoop Dog and Fabio 2U.

The song is entitled “Oh Oh Let Me Go” and has a pretty daring music video. Bassilyo first teased his fans about how he was luckily picked to work with international artists in a song.

Bassilyo was extremely flattered and was very excited to deliver the news to his fellow rappers and of course his loving fans.

The video was just recently posted but already gained hundreds of views. The song is a mixture or rap and modern music. Bassilyo can be seen at the very start of the song with Fabio following and then Snoop Dog.

Be the first to see it and watch it and share it with your friends so they too can see what a great artist filipinos can become and that they could reach international levels.

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